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This campaign will require the purchase of brochures, flyers, yard signs, and various online and print , advertising. Your willingness to support this endeavor with an early contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or greater will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for investing the vision to make the Town of Dumfries a better place.

I served my country as a US Marine. I am serving the Town of Dumfries as a Town Councilman. Now, you can help me serve in a greater capacity as Mayor!

The reason I have decided to run for Mayor is that I believe in taking action and getting results for our community and the generations coming behind us. My results in the short time as a councilman include but is not limited to the following: awareness to lack of recycling education, created a commission for Parks and Recreation, started a summer concert series, voted to lower property taxes, voted to televise all council meetings, voted to create a revitalization zone for businesses and strip malls off Main Street, hosted community commonwealth and fitness day, and many more. There is still unfinished business and there is a gap between our community and the communities that surround us.

My goal is to expand on the economic development to search out ways to bring in new jobs and alternatives to the real estate tax, to fight for reducing our communities long commute time to work, to focus on making our main street better, and to challenge developers to with every project to add to our infrastructure sidewalks and road improvements, and more importantly to continue to inspire others in the community to get involved. As you can imagine, campaigns are grueling. They require hard work and sacrifice. However, if you agree with me that I need to get involved and become the Mayor, then I humbly request your support in making this mission a reality.

Political campaigns are made possible by the generous donations from people like you. Please contribute now to help make this campaign a success.

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