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Building a Safer Dumfries


When you come home you want to know that you are safe.  According to Dumfries is listed in the top 20 safest place to live when it comes to violent crimes and property crimes, but it still doesn't take away the feeling a father has when he comes home from work seeing people who don't live in his neighborhood using it as the local hang out making his young children feel unsafe.  

As, Mayor, I will continue to focus on our department being visible  at the schools, on the playgrounds, and subdivisions.



Too  Much TrafficReal Solutions for Traffic

Prince William County has some of the longest commute times in the region, costing us time with our families and costing our businesses money sitting idling in traffic. As VDOT’s Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment pointed out in their May 2009 report, traffic not only is the biggest energy-using sector of Virginia’s economy, it also contributes one-third of our greenhouse gas emissions and increases driver stress.

Transportation is not a partisan issue that should keep us gridlocked. As Dumfries Town Councilman, I led the fight for a study to bring METRO to Prince William County – if it’s good enough for Loudon County, it’s good enough for us, too! We can’t just pave our way to less congestion, and we need to study all of the options available to us to make the best decisions.

As Mayor, I’ll use my successful experience bringing together commuters, business owners, driving professionals and more to hear your ideas.  And I’ll use my experience to push for a comprehensive study of potential traffic solutions to get you off the road quicker and spending more time doing what you love to do.


Planned Growth for the Future


Planned Growth for the Future

Town of Dumfries’s zoning laws are outdated, and the results speak for themselves – unsightly strip malls, constant backups, businesses being held back, and more.  Meanwhile, Route 1 in our Town has been underdeveloped. We need reforms to help us grow as a Town.


I support the Prince William County Chamber of Commerce’s position on reforming the county license (BPOL) tax and pushed to reduce property taxes, to help take pressure off homeowners and businesses. And I’ve been working to help us revitalize strip malls into mixed-use developments, which create livable, walkable communities.

As Mayor, I’ll build on my experience by listening to residents, employers, building trades and more to review and reform our zoning laws, to allow for mixed-use developments that help create walkable communities of homes, merchants, restaurants and community centers.  And I’ll make it a priority.

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